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Thank You! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Published on 10/5/2017

The successful third annual fundraising event, our Fall Festival  -- is history. Thank you to everyone on the planning committee and subcommittees and volunteers, sponsors and donors, the trio and salon hosts.

And thank you to everyone who attended. It was a great party.

During the festival, FBWE Village president Jane Scholz, thanked her team, some of them twice. Later, she wrote, “Thanks to all for working together to put on a great party!  You have my eternal gratitude.”

Former Village President Susan Haight introduced our first Foggy Bottom West End Village honoree for The Torch Award for Community Service.

Honoree Chef Ris Lacoste, visibly touched by the award, spoke of how she had learned about giving from her father. And perhaps only understandable for those who believe the cliche that “It is better to give than to receive,” Lacoste described “the opportunity to help somebody as a selfish gift. Thank you.” Personally, I would describe Lacoste’s generosity with some 31 organizations as selfless, but then that was why she so justly deserved The Torch Award for Community Service.

Will Layman was back with his Xtet trio who played tirelessly throughout the night. What a party!

The festival also celebrated the Village’s fourth birthday with two kinds of cake to top off the evening.

More than 120 people attended the laughter and fun-filled festival on Oct. 2 in the atrium of Saint Paul’s. We raised, more than $35,000 dollars so far, though with more Salon tickets to sell, we hope this will increase.

Statements for those who purchased tickets or salons or made donations will be emailed by October 15.

Village Vice President and festival committee member Mary Bernstein said, “Financially the festival is already a great success and will enable us (the Village) to end this year without a budget deficit.” She also gave “a special shout out to our honoree Ris Lacoste for all her involvement and help these past four plus years.”

2017 Festival steering committee members were Jane Scholz, Chair; John Seichter and Mary Bernstein all back for their third year and tasked with finding donors and sponsors. C.B. Wooldridge did his usual spectacular job with decorations. 

New to the FBWE Village but not new to volunteering, Evie Hirsch was in charge of food. Leah Schroeder organized the salons. Peter Sacco coordinated volunteers. Jane Selby handled attendance. Christina B. Farnsworth wrote about all the doings..

John Seichter and Mary Bernstein wooed sponsors and donors so important to FBWE Village’s success. Among these is the very generous inaugural and continuing donor Anthony Lanier, president of EastBanc. 

Barbara Kahlow, Sue Headlee and Jeff Reiman and Jane Scholz also generously donated between $1,000 and $4,999 to the event. 

Other donors for whom the village offers its warm thanks include William Armistead, Margaret Bennett, Mary Bernstein, MaryAnn Boukalis, Heide Castleman, Anna Chisman, John Clark, Burke Dillon, Bernice Friedlander, Lorna Grenadier, Susan Haight, Marsha Ingber, Jacqueline Lemire, Myrna L. Fawcett, Jean Manning, Trevor and Deb Neve, Vivian Otteman, Joseph Page, Wendy Pallett, Steven Prumo, Leah Schroeder, John Seichter, Jane Selby, Carl Vacketta, Nancy Webb and C.B. Wooldridge.

The village also thanks Festival volunteers: Leslie deVeau, Janet Farbstein, Christina Farnsworth, Anders Gyllenhaal, Evie Hirsch, Linda Mazzochi, Mark Ording, Martha and Joe Page, Peter Sacco, Nancy Webb, Diana Willson and C.B. Wooldridge.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, one and all.


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