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You can now donate a car, boat, motorcycle to the Village

Published on 7/24/2017
You can now donate a car, boat, motorcycle  to the Village 

By Leigh Sempeles
Executive Director


In my former nonprofit role at St. Vincent de Paul, a vehicle donation program was launched at the local and national level. It quickly became an excellent way for the community to donate to the organization and help us improve the lives of others.

Also, the program provided a “vehicle” (no pun intended) for our donors to qualify for a tax benefit, save on repairs and maintenance of vehicles and reduce auto insurance costs. So, when our new Treasurer, Bill Armistead, approached me about the idea of a car donation program for our Village, I immediately said, “let’s go for it” and Bill went to work.

Bill researched the various programs, obtained feedback from our national Village to Village organization and found our new partner, Vehicles for Charity. I was curious as to how Bill came up with this great idea for the Village and he shared with me the following personal story:      


“While I was aware of car donation programs from the many radio commercials, my first personal experience dates back about 12 years ago. I played golf with a gentleman, who told me before the round ended that he’d lost a daughter to a drunk driver. He encouraged me to donate my vehicle to M.A.D.D. when the time arose 10 months later I was ready for a new car, so I gave them a call. Donating my car was an especially good feeling, having met a person who’d lost a child." -- William Armistead, VillageTreasurer


Below you'll find all of the details on how to donate a vehicle to the Village. Let me know if you have any questions.


Donations of cars, boats, motorcycles now accepted

The Village is now able to take tax-deductible charitable donations of used cars, motorcycles and boats.  We have a contract with Vehicles For Charity (VFC), a national organization that has arranged the sale of used vehicles for non-profits since 2001.  VFC has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and has served more than 2,000 charities.


Donors go to the VFC website at

  • Click on “Donate.”
  • Enter “Foggy Bottom West End Village” in the “Donate your vehicle to…” box.
  • Complete the rest of the form on that page.
  • Check that you agree to the terms and conditions and click “Submit.”


A representative from VFC will call you to confirm. The representative will give you instructions on filling out the vehicle title and turning over the vehicle.   After the vehicle is sold, VFC will tell you the amount of your charitable donation.


Your tax deduction will be based on the resale value of the vehicle at auction.  The Village will receive 80% of the resale value.


To make a donation, you must have a vehicle title and VIN number.  The vehicle must be in running order.  You must know the mileage, make, model and year.


You do not have to be a Village member to make a donation, so talk to your family and friends!


Questions?  Call VFC at 1-866-628-CARS (1-866-628-2277). Or click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions.


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