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FBWE Villagers Explore the Mind and Memory Loss

Published on 7/23/2015
Aging BrainOn Tuesday, July 21st over 30 members attended a lively presentation and discussion on memory and how to recognize the need for medical help.
Marti Baily, B.S., CSA, Director of Sibley Senior Association and Community Health at Sibley Memorial Hospital, a certified Senior Advisor, and master trainer and speaker for the Alzheimer's Association spoke about how to recognize memory issues and how to combat the inevitable loss of memory as we age.
Attendees learned not to worry if one cannot find the right word or recall a name, but to seek help if one repeatedly forgets routine tasks and routes of travel, i.e. forgetting to pay the electric bill for months on end or forgetting how to get to a well-known location. Social interaction, exercise, changing up one’s routine, and keeping healthy are all ways to combat memory loss.
All members agreed that FBWEV helps on all these areas.

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