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Fall Risk Assessment

Published on 6/8/2015
Tori Goldhammer brought her extensive experience as a occupational therapist and fall prevention advocate to inform almost 20 Villagers on why we fall and what we can do to prevent it, using humorous videos and interactive engagement that literally kept us bobbing up and down.
Falling is something that can happen at any age, but the highest risk factors regarding vision, balance and strength, medications, and environment that change as we get older can be mitigated and easily measured at home.   Having regular eye exams and good lighting, being alert to medication side effects, exercising daily, and staying aware of our environment are key.  It's all a part of keeping well.  And should you fall, there are techniques for getting up safely.
Villagers can obtain a free in home assessment to review individual fall risks by calling 202-724-5626, a program sponsored by the DC Office on Aging.

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