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The Economics of the Affordable Care Act

Published on 11/26/2013
Sue Headlee, Village member and PhD Economics professor at AU gave an informed and spirited talk to a group of 18 members on Dec. 21. The topic was The Economics of the Affordable Care Act. Sue broke this important subject into three parts and led the discussions in which there were many questions and ideas generated.

Problems in Present System: Out of control costs, millions without insurance, fee for service model rewards for quantity not quality of service.
The Patient Protection and Reform Act: New ideas for cost controls, enlargement of risk pool and greater means of care access and description of finance sources.
Further Reforms Needed: Innovative start ups to replace fee for service system, access for all Americans to receive affordable care, changes to Medicare and Medicaid, incentives for doctors to become primary care physicians.
There was general agreement that physician care as we have known it is changing. The fee for service model is obsolete and will be altered to provide affordable care to more citizens. This is a topic of great interest to the Village as exhibited by the enthusiasm and involvement of the attendees and should be visited again.

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