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Director of Volunteers reflects on a year of change

Published on 12/21/2013
Bob McDonaldAs we come to the close of 2013, I am struck by how much change has taken place in my life this year. At the beginning of this year, I was volunteering some time coordinating the volunteer services at Dupont Circle Village. I was very pleased with the mix of volunteering and personal time in my “retirement.” As the year went on, I found myself yearning for something more. I applied for and was fortunate to be chosen to be the Director of Volunteers and Village Services for Foggy Bottom West End Village. Suddenly, I was “un-retired” and back in full-time employment. And what a good change it has been! 

My experience of “the village” has taken on a new shape and spirit. I have been fascinated by the people I have met here in FBWEV: our community leaders, our Board, our members, and our volunteers. We are very fortunate to have such a diversity of talented and interesting individuals within our community.

I have to admit that before we opened in October, my biggest concern was about our volunteer services. Would we get any requests from our members? Would it be too many requests? Would our volunteers come forward to meet the needs that were presented before them?

I am very glad to say that we have had a significant number of requests from our members and that our volunteers have been superb in their timely and generous response. Our volunteers have acted like “seasoned pros” in providing services. We have received more than 70 requests since October 1 and have provided in excess of 100 hours of service in response to those needs thus far.

Not only have these services been provided, but there have been significant connections along the way: member with volunteer, volunteer with volunteer, member with member.

Back in September, what was an idea in my mind and in the mind of all of you who helped form this Village has become a living reality – a vibrant Foggy Bottom West End Village! We have a lot to look forward to in 2014!

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