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 Foggy Bottom West End Village

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Why join FBWE Village?

Being connected to a Village community creates opportunities to enjoy group activities, make new friends, and obtain reliable information on service providers of all types, while also creating a place to turn in time of need - whether as a member, volunteer, or donor (or all three!). Members have access to a range of services and benefits that help them live independently for the long term.

Our Village serves residents of single-family homes and the 60 or so highrise buildings in the DC ANC2A area which corresponds to zip code 20037. We have no minimum or maximum age since our goal is to enable area residents to live independently in their homes, regardless of age and whether the need is temporary or permanent.

We accept memberships outside of this area, but we only provide services to members who live within these boundaries.  See the map and complete membership criteria.

For complete information, read the Membership Handbook.  You can read it online or download to your computer and print it.
How to Join -- New members only
  • Fill out and sign the Membership Application and Agreement form today and mail it with your payment to: 
    FBWE Village
    2430 K Street NW
    Washington, DC 20037
    Your check should be made payable to: Foggy Bottom West End Village

  • Join online and pay by credit card.  Member Signup (This button will not work if you are currently a member.)
Membership Levels
The Village fee structure includes a number of options so members can choose a category that best fits their interests and circumstances.  Dues are changing as of October 1, 2017.  Read more.

Annual Standard Membership 
Access all volunteer services, social activities, vetted vendors and discounts

Individual - $600.00
Household - $900.00

Reduced Fee Membership
We offer reduced fee standard memberships for $100 a year for individuals and households with lower income levels. The top income is $52,550 for a single person and $60,050 for a family of two.  This is based on federal HUD guidelines for low-income housing in the District of Columbia.

On the membership application form, please check the box indicating: "Request reduced membership fee." You may also contact our Executive Director Leigh Sempeles at 202-333-1327 for a confidential consultation.  In hardship cases, she has the discretion to modify the minimum required fee.  We ask for an IRS 1040 or SSA statement to substantiate income.  All information is strictly confidential; other Village members will not know about membership status.  


Annual Social Membership
Participate in Village-sponsored activities and events; no volunteer or discounted services; tax deductible with exclusion of $100 for tangible services; convertible to Standard Membership at any time without continuing tax deduction.

Individual - $600.00
Household - $900.00


3-Year Standard Membership
Standard Membership discounted by $300 with no annual fee increase for 3 years

Individual - $1,500.00
Household - $2,400.00

3-Year Social Membership 
Social Membership discounted by $300 with no annual fee increase for 3 years. Participation in Village-sponsored activities and events; no volunteer or discounted services; tax deductible with exclusion of $100 per year for tangible services; convertible to Standard at any time without continuing tax deduction

Individual - $1,500.00
Household - $2,400.00


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