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 Foggy Bottom West End Village

Former Civil Rights Prosecutor Recounts the Rodney King Case

KowalskiFormer federal civil rights prosecutor Barry Kowalski kept over a dozen Villagers engaged in his recounting of the Rodney King police brutality case in Los Angeles 25 years ago.
The filmed incident was novel at the time before video cameras and newer technologies made such occurrences more commonly known. Mr. Kowalski explored how the case evolved, presenting the facts and themes of both the prosecution and the defense, with Villagers role-playing at key points. His approach enabled Villagers to appreciate how complex and difficult it is to adjudicate these confrontations, however brutal they may appear when first seen.
The evening left villagers eager to learn more about Mr. Kowalski’s extraordinary life in the realm of civil rights enforcement.

Our Mission

Foggy Bottom West End Village is a neighborhood nonprofit volunteer/membership organization in Washington, D.C., that provides services and social activities to help residents live independently for the long term. Learn more About Us  
Front Page
The Foggy Bottom West End Village has been on an exciting journey. From the two-year planning stage through our grand opening in October 2013 until today, we have been able to meet critical deadlines with the help of many individuals, board members, and community organizations. We have exceeded our own expectations and goals in membership, volunteer services and programming, and we have evolved into a mature organization.

Our Annual Report
We are well positioned to continue this journey for years to come, inviting more fellow travelers to join us. As you read this first annual report, consider how we might together make this journey more fulfilling, exciting, and caring.We welcome your ideas and your participation as we travel together as a Village.  

In Her Own Words

If you are not knowledgeable about the Village movement --- in “Village speak” that means we Extend a Hand, Stay Connected and allow members to Live Well at Home, but what does this mean? Take a look at one of our members. . “In her own words . . . “  Videographer: Sam Gyllenhaal, Producer: Beverly Gyllenhaal.

Special thanks to Janet Farbstein, our star, Sam Gyllenhaal, our videographer/producer, and Bev Gyllenhaal for putting the video together.

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Upcoming Events

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