Posture Class for Villagers

Posture ClassOver 20 Villagers braved the winds on November 18 to attend a workshop conducted by Dr. Caroline Buths, a physical therapist with Sports and Spinal PT/DC here in the West End. Dr. Buths covered age related changes affecting posture, and the effects of poor posture. Using volunteers, she demonstrated 4 key exercises that strengthen the chest, shoulders and upper back. Dr. Buchs extended a free 30 minute consultation on posture or other related issues to interested Villagers. We left a little taller than we arrived.

This post contributed by Nadia Taran.

FBWEV Learns What It Means to be Stateless in Shanghai

WillensDr. Liliane Willens of Washington, author of” Stateless in Shanghai”, gave FBWE Villagers her eyewitness account of what it means to be Stateless in a foreign country in turmoil. In a presentation to promote her new book, “The Japanese Occupation of Shanghai and the Establishment of the People’s Republic of China,” Dr. Willens recounted her childhood, the social changes, and what it was like to experienced World War II under the Japanese military occupation, the bombing by American planes and the return of the Chiang Kai-shek government. The enlightening lecture was followed by a book signing and refreshments and was a prelude to future author talks being planned by the FBWEV.