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Gala Fluer de lis 1You can now buy tickets to Foggy Bottom West End Village's first fundraising Gala to be held Saturday, Sept 12, at the Field School in northwest DC from 7 to 10 pm. To buy, go to our special Gala website.

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Foggy Bottom West End Village is a neighborhood nonprofit volunteer/membership organization in Washington, D.C., that provides services and social activities to help residents live independently for the long term. Learn more About Us  
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FBWEV Visits the Portrait Gallery and Compares Exhibits

National GalleryMore than 15 FBWE Village members were treated to a tour of the Elaine de Kooning's portraits at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC on Wednesday, July 15. Our "Docent in Residence," knowledgeable member Lorna Grenadier, expounded on de Kooning's life, art, the abstract expressionist scene when she lived in New York City, and her famous painting of President John F. Kennedy. The exhibit combined the Gallery's collection with pieces held by the de Kooning family and very close friends. 

The group then toured Eye-Pop: Celebrity Gaze which explored the nexus of celebrity, achievement and the influence of social media in shaping our perception of fame and accomplishment. This exhibit included living icons of popular culture, athletes, scientists, and others portrayed in a variety of formats.
All agreed that seeing the two exhibits together sparked a conversation about the techniques and media used by the various artists.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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