FBWEV National Christmas Tree Walk

National Christmas Tree 2014The FBWEV Walkie Talkies Affinity Group led Villagers on a walk to see the 92nd annual National Christmas Tree on the White House Ellipse at President’s Park on Wednesday, Dec. 10th. Braving the wind and cold, the Villagers were treated to a choir singing holiday music in this wonderful setting and then retired to the lobby of the Melrose Hotel, for a glass of good cheer and holiday wishes. The National Christmas tree is wrapped in netting to enhance the total decorative effect and surrounded by smaller trees representative of each state in the Union. All felt this was a wonderful way to celebrate the season.

FBWE Villagers Consider The New Normal

Amitai EtzioniAmitai Etzioni, Professor of International Affairs at The George Washington University, gave a presentation on his new book, The New Normal, on December 3rd and argued that societies must find a way to balance individual rights and the common good.

Professor Etzioni stated that as new technologies develop, natural and international environments change, and new social forces arise altering the balance in society. Individual rights may be shortchanged to meet that need for better security. He believes that neither individual rights nor the common good should be privileged, that both are core values, and that a balance is necessary between them.

This premise sparked a lively conversation among the Villagers in attendance.