Qi Gong Demonstration

Qi GongTwenty hardy Villagers attended a Qi Gong demonstration conducted by Tyrone Cave, an instructor of Tai Chi and Qi Gong at Iona Senior Services. Under the sunny atrium skylight, we started by standing still, breathing deeply, and finding our alignment. In a relaxed manner, we slowly and with concentration moved through the basic or root position. Silently, we moved, stilled our minds, and left feeling as light and graceful as birds. The time flew and the flock dispersed. We plan to offer Qi Gong on a regular basis with Tyrone Cave.

This post was contributed by Nadia Taran.

Cybersecurity: Why it Matters

Cyber Security WorkshopStudents from The George Washington University’s CyberCorp Program gave a presentation on Cybersecurity to 15 Villagers on Wednesday evening, Feb. 11. Topics including how to protect your computer from malware, when not to use public Wi-Fi networks and browser threats were covered.

Presenters Jackson Reed, Janice Rosado, and Jordan Takayama are all master’s degree students in GW’s “Partnership in Securing Cyberspace through Education and Service” (PISCES) program. Federal funding provides scholarships for students to study Cybersecurity at GW for up to three years. After completing their coursework, these students will help protect the nation’s information infrastructure by working as security experts in a government agency.