Adventures in Film Discussion Group

Josh LevinThe new FBWE Adventures in Film Discussion Group gathers at West End Cinema on the third Thursday of the month at noon for a private showing with a discussion led by West End’s owner Josh Levin.

Comedic films don’t have to be about bathroom humor or merely sarcastic to draw laughs, Josh told the crowd of Villagers as he opened our discussion after a screening of the movie “Chef.” Hearing Josh’s perspective led to a thorough and sophisticated discussion of a movie that, on the surface, could have appeared a bit light weight, if vastly entertaining.

Stay tuned for information on our next film Adventure on Thursday, August 21.

Check out our events calendar and plan to participate in future programs.

This post contributed by Beverly Gyllenhaal.

FBWEV and Shakespeare’s Birthday

ShakespeareOn July 10th Villagers toured the National Portrait Gallery with Shakespeare and his work in mind. Villager Lorna Grenadier highlighted portraits and artifacts in the Gallery’s collection that were touched in some way by the Bard. Interesting facts included that President Lincoln loved Shakespeare as a poet and earlier settlers of the American West attended the theater as a matter of course. All were impressed at the role Shakespeare played in the development of our country.